Amazon Web Services-powered AI capabilities added to 6Connex’s virtual venue products

Paul Colston | CMW

US-based virtual event platform 6Connex has announced that it has integrated Amazon Personalize from Amazon Web Services (AWS) into the 6Connex SoarSM and RiseSM products to deliver personalised recommendations powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The company says it is the first virtual events provider to leverage AWS’s AI technology. 6Connex customers can now use these AI capabilities to offer matchmaking recommendations to event attendees. Additionally, event organisers can also leverage the AI to recommend content and to help attendees plan their event agendas. The technology can support more than 100,000 attendees at a single event or conference. “Successful events depend on engagement and personalisation, and our new artificial intelligence capabilities allow conference organisers to personalise the experience for each attendee,” said 6Connex CEO Ruben Castaño. “Done incorrectly, virtual events can be very lonely. Our technology, powered by AWS, enables attendees to connect with each other, and to connect with content that ensures the best use of their time.” 6Connex’s development team used Amazon Personalize to build its virtual venue AI application for the Rise and Soar products based on the same machine learning technology used by for its real-time personalised recommendations. 6Connex Soar is the company’s top-tier enterprise...

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