Milan CVB promotes the positive with a new double negative communications campaign

Paul Colston | CMW

Milan has launched a new international communication campaign designed to show the best the northern Italian city has to offer. Milano&Partners and YesMilano, the official promotion agency and official brand, respectively, established by the City’s Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Milano, Monza, Brianza and Lodi, are launching the campaign to promote the city as a top European meetings destination for planners looking at their first business trip of the year. Three-quarters of the Milanese and Lombard population are now vaccinated against Covid and restaurants and theatres have reopened and business tourists are rediscovering the joy of travelling. YesMilano’s declared mission is to support tourism recovery through innovative marketing and a newly created convention bureau. It is promoting the city primarily as the gateway to Italy. Near to Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, the destinatin is a business and research capital and is investing hard in smart mobility. The new promotional campaign slogan ‘Not in Milano’, the Milan marketers say, is based on the refutation of the negative stereotypes and clichés usually attached to business trips, while portraying the city, instead, as a destination with an effective professional environment and a high quality of life. “This unprecedented communication campaign...

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